Nerotenze Testosterone Mutual respect and harmony in the relations of partners having a full-fledged sex life are organic and natural, and this has a tangible effect on the orderliness of their life, the state of calm and prosperity. What happens in the opposite situation is not difficult to guess. Intra-family disorders are immediately expressed in the extinction of mutual attraction, inevitably appears and increases tension in the relationship, reducing the sexual activity of the couple to a minimum, or even to no. And over time, the partners of this shaky union cease to be interested in each other in the physical sense, leaving in their life together only vain economic troubles. Thus, it is quite logical that paradoxical statement that the best occupation after sex can only be sex , harmonious and liberated, full of mutual respect, love and tender affection. In any relationship, sooner or later a period begins when there is only cold and disagreement between partners. The reason for this may be uninteresting sex life or even its absence. These problems need to be addressed as soon as possible. Many men over 40-45 years old fall into an inexplicable depression, try to change their lives and often even leave the family. How, then, to return to the relationship of former passion and keep your beloved spouse? Often, women with age leaves the spirit of adventurism, putting in the first place maternal care not only for children, but also for their spouse. And this, in turn, can greatly weaken sexual relations. In this case, it is necessary to add to the daily routine some games, female coquetry, sometimes even irresponsibility. It is worth thinking not only about how the spouse dresses, how he eats and what he does, but also how to keep your sexual relations normal. Many women over time appear suspicions of infidelity spouse. You should not torture yourself and his senseless accusations. Show yourself as a self-sufficient person with your own interests and hobbies.